have-youWelcome to the blog of the Graduate Studies Office at the Warsaw School of Economics!

Since you’ve clicked the EN language icon we assume that you were either simply curious, or you are a student of one of our Master programmes in English. In any way this is the right place to get informed about the blog itself as well as about it’s English content. The Polish name of the blog is Po drugiej stronie okienka, what can be translated as: On the other side of the window. The window means the space through which students interact with their student assistants, as there are 12 windows at the Graduate Office located in room 47.

Actually you might find it a bit surprising that a unit of a university owns a blog. We can assure you that this is unusual also here in Poland, and as far as we know, we are the only blogging deans. However, we have discovered that a blog is a very efficient channel of (mutual!) communication between our office and others, especially our students. And so we keep blogging!

We have been running a blog for our Polish speaking students since 2012. Now, after 4 years we have decided to expand it in order to include also our non-Polish speaking students. While most of the blog entries are still going to be written in Polish, there are also going to be some entries in English. They will be accessible through the main page of the Polish blog, or through a dedicated category label “in English”. In order to get the latest updates, you can subscribe our FB fanpage dedicated to MA English programmes at the Warsaw School of Economics. Please don’t forget about the official website of the Graduate Studies Office.

At the moment our team consists of four members of the Graduate Studies Office, even though most (but not all) of the entries in English will be written by Adam Karbowski, PhD – the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies responsible for MA studies in English. Other team members include:

  • Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska, Ph.D., Vice Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Irena Senator, M.A., Senior Specialist at the Graduate Studies Office
  • Katarzyna Zając, M.Sc., Deputy Head of the Graduate Studies Office

Back in 2012 a blog for Polish students was quite an experiment. Now we are experimenting again – this time with an English section. Who knows, if this part of the project is successful, we might expand it into a separate English. For the time being stay tuned on our Facebook profile! You might also wish us good luck 😉

The Graduate Studies Office Team

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prof. SGH dr hab., w latach 2012-2020 prodziekan Studium Magisterskiego SGH, kierownik Zakładu Bliskiego Wschodu i Azji Środkowej, Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społecznego SGH

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