The choice of a supervisor of your MA thesis seems to be one of the most important decisions during your studies at SGH. Fruitful and effective cooperation with the supervisor of the diploma thesis is one of those things that you remember years after graduation. Sometimes, however, you may encounter some clashes and frictions in the process of preparing the diploma thesis and both you and the supervisor may feel not very satisfied with the established pattern of cooperation. Therefore it seems reasonable to carefully analyze the following aspects before taking a final decision on the supervisor:

  1. Did you attend classes led by the given supervisor? How did you find his/her way of teaching, explaining, sorting things out?
  2. Is he/she a specialist in the area of knowledge that is suitable for your MA thesis?
  3. Is he/she available for students during office hours? Is he/she helpful at recommending some additional readings? Does he/she meet the deadlines? Does he/she demand keeping the deadlines rigorously?
  4. Is he/she patient enough?

The important thing here is that there is no a specific list of supervisors associated with the given major/field of studies. So basically, you can find a supervisor in every institute, department or unit at our university. If your are interested in the particular topics preferred by the potential supervisors, please visit the Virtual Dean’s Office and use the function “Searching seminars according to the proposed thesis topics”.

Last but not least, please remember that each supervisor can supervise a limited number of students (the maximum is 240 hours as a supervisor and reviewer, both at MA and BA studies, for each faculty member working at SGH).

We also recommend you a very helpful service related to the choice of a thesis supervisor. The service is developed by SGH graduate and is available at Marta Ka’s website:

So far the service is in Polish, but with the help of Google Translate it still may be very useful and informative for you.

Enjoy your diploma research and have a perfect cooperation with a supervisor of your thesis. Best wishes!

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